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Next stuffing date 19 October

Two orangs and white butterflies on a yellow flower
Duke of Burgundy butterflies mating. Photo: Mark Pike

Could you help stuff newsletters into envelopes on 19 October? Helping the paid staff at Butterfly Conservation Headquarters frees their time to work to help butterflies and moths, like the beautiful ones pictured.

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Butterfly weddings

Two exotic butterflies on bright yellow flowers
Two Monarch butterflies.

No, butterflies don’t marry, but did you know some humans release butterflies at weddings (and funerals) as part of the ceremony?

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Five caterpillars on nasturtium leaves

Large White Caterpillars. Photo: Lyn Pullen

Cuckoo sitting on a branch with a green caterpillar dangling from its beak

Cuckoo and Large White Caterpillar. Photo: Lyn Pullen

Lyn tells us:

I counted the Large White caterpillars on my nasturtiums the other day, and found 72! This morning, however, a (presumably young) Cuckoo arrived and spent some time in the garden. He managed to get some food in the form of the caterpillars.

Taken in garden in Winfrith Newburgh on 14/09/2017. This was very late for a young cuckoo to still be in the UK. According to research by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology), at least half leave as early as June to begin the trip back to Africa. We do hope he makes it!