We want you to share your enthusiasm in butterflies and moths. Please note the following:-

  • By giving us your photos, you are allowing us to add them to our Branch Photo Library, and they may be used for our publicity or other non-commercial purposes. We may also use them on social media.
  • Your shots do not have to be technically wonderful – but tell us a bit about the photo and why you took it.
  • Photos should be taken in Dorset, and can be of adult butterflies or moths, or eggs, caterpillars or chrysalises – or of a habitat or food-plant if it is of particular note.
  • Your photos will stay up for a while, then drop off the page as other new ones come in.
  • We will put your photo up as soon as we can, but this is a manual operation undertaken by a volunteer, so please bear with us.
  • We will do our best to acknowledge you as the photographer if we use your photo on this website, in branch leaflets, etc; if you find we are not doing so, please let us know and we will put the error right as soon as we can.
  • Send no more than two photos at a time to [email protected]
  • Attach your photo to your email in a .jpg or .png format if possible, but we can cope with most formats.
  • Minimum width of your photo needs to be 800px. If in doubt, just send it! We prefer full-size to reduced versions, to give us more flexibility when using them.