View of chocolate brown butterfly with cream markings on the wings

Speckled Wood. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona recently sent us this photo with the following comments:

Yet another dreary day, and I’m still looking forward to my first butterfly sighting of 2020. In the meantime, I have 2019’s photos to remind me of summer days. I spent some time playing peek-a-boo with this female Speckled Wood in my Broadstone garden on 31/07/19; every time I approached with my camera she flew away, to return when my back was turned! I did manage to get some photos eventually, and was interested to see that she has a pale ring in the cream spot next to the dark ring on her forewings. I haven’t noticed this on other Speckled Woods I have seen.

Speckled Wood, Broadstone
Posted on: 2 February, 2020

BlueButterfly with orange lunals resting on foliage with wings open

Common Blue. Photo: Mel Bray

Mel found two second generation Common Blue butterflies at Throop on 16/07/19. This image is a good example of a female, showing extensive blue and sub marginal orange spots. The Female’s forewing colouring is very varied in this species.

Common Blue, Throop
Posted on: 31 January, 2020

Bright Orange and Brown butterfly resting on grasses with wings open

Gatekeeper. Photo: Roger Peart

Roger sent us this photo of a lovely Gatekeeper he spotted in the grounds of Canford School on 17/07/19.

This butterfly is also known as the Hedge Brown, a golden butterfly that provides a welcome sight in the middle of summer, when the fresh adults start to emerge. It spends much of its time basking with wings open, when the sexes are easy to tell apart – only the male has the distinctive sex brands on the forewings.

Gatekeeper, Canford School Grounds, Wimborne
Posted on: 31 January, 2020

View of a reddish orange and black butterfly with white markings on wingtips resting on the ground.

Red Admiral. Photo: Penny Hawes

Penny was out on one of her favourite walks when she spotted this Red Admiral, the first butterfly she has seen this this year – it was sunning itself along the little woodland path to Sharford Bridge on Monday 20/01/2020.  The sunny conditions a few days ago seem to have lured a number of these out of their shelter and hiding places to take advantage of the sunshine and we hope they were able to find somewhere warm to shelter overnight from the cold frosty conditions.

Red Admiral, Sharford Bridge
Posted on: 23 January, 2020

View of orange butterfly with brown/black and yellow markings whilst resting on a green Ivy leaf.

Comma. Photo: Malcolm Gould

The first photo of a Comma sent to the Gallery this year.  Malcolm saw this one at the edge of Burtt’s Harley, a wood north of Gussage All Saints (more…)

Comma, Gussage All Saints
Posted on: 21 January, 2020

View of reddish orange, brown and black butterfly with white markings on the wingtips resting near a muddy puddle.

Red Admiral. Photo: Geoge McCabe

George has sent us this photo of the first butterfly he saw this year when he was out for a walk and not even looking for butterflies – spotted at the Coppice behind the Littlemoor water tower, Weymouth on 19/01/2020.  George added that it seemed to enjoy the mud around the puddles!

Red Admiral, Littlemoor
Posted on: 21 January, 2020

Blue butterfly showing forewings, whilst resting on grass

Chalkhill Blue. Photo David Simmonds

Chalkhill Blue. Photo: David Simmonds

David sent us these photos of a Chalkhill Blue he found at Hambledon Hill on 2/08/19.

This is a species giving cause for concern in many areas of its known habitat, as it appears to be thriving on some of the sites but not on others where it used to be found in reasonable numbers.

Chalkhill Blue, Hambledon Hill
Posted on: 9 January, 2020

Red and Black spotted moths mating on Bedstraw

Six-spot Burnet Moths. Photo: Cath Morrison

Cath and Rob were rather surprised I imagine when walking at Badbury Rings on 17/07/19 to see these Six-spot Burnet moths mating so quickly after emerging. No time to lose!

So often all you see are the transparent silvery cases left behind after the moth emerges sometime between late June-August. and then can be found nectaring on thistles and knapweeds.

Six-spot Burnet Moths, Badbury Rings
Posted on: 9 January, 2020

View of black, brown and reddish orange butterfly with white markings to wing tips whilst resting on yellow flower.

Red Admiral in early January. Photo: Linda Stanley

Linda sent us this super photo of a Red Admiral she saw at Upton Country Park on 03/01/2020 – this one must have been very determined to make it to 2020 whilst still looking good and was probably just waiting for a bit of warmer weather to show itself. (more…)

Red Admiral, Upton Country Park
Posted on: 4 January, 2020

Silvery green heaviliy marked butterfly nectaring on brambles

Silver-washed Fritillary, Valesina form. Photo: Brian Arnold

Back in the summer on 22/07/19, Brian was watching a pair of the usual orange coloured Silver-washed Fritillaries doing a mating dance across the lawn at his Harman’s Cross home when he spotted this female Valesina form. (more…)

Silver-washed Fritillary .Valesina (f)
Posted on: 27 December, 2019

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