Pink  moth with pink and green wings

Small Elephant Hawkmoth. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian and his wife spotted this Small Elephant Hawkmoth along with a Scarlet Tiger moth while walking the path at West Lulworth back on 5/07/20.He tells us they were sheltering from the strong winds that day.

This species usually flies at night and comes to light in good numbers, but freshly emerged individuals can be found in daytime.

Small Elephant Hawkmoth, West Lulworth
Posted on: 20 January, 2021

View of a greenish white butterfly on a nasturtium plant

Large White. Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann sent us this photo last summer of a Large White she saw in her Corfe Mullen garden on 10/07/2020 egg laying on the Nasturtium plants she grows for them in her garden.

Large White, Corfe Mullen
Posted on: 20 January, 2021

black and yellow s diagonally striped moth on guttering

Jesey Tiger moth. Photo: Ann Westcott

Ann found this Jersey Tiger moth on 14/08/20 on her conservatory guttering in Chickerell on what she tells us was a dry muggy day.

This species is active on warm days but also comes to light.

Jersey Tiger moth, Chickerell
Posted on: 19 January, 2021

A brown and orange butterfly with black and white markings resting on a green leaf

Gatekeeper. Photo: Caroline Stringer

Another photo from warmer times – this lovely image of a Gatekeeper was taken by Caroline on 10/07/2020 at Alner’s Gorse.

Gatekeeper, Alner’s Gorse
Posted on: 13 January, 2021

White oblong shaped moth with 2 dots on each  and with a yellow borderforewings

Four-dotted footman. Photo: Donald Simcock

Donald sent us this photo on 11/01/21 of a Four-dotted footman which he found on Upton Heath last June and didn’t identify until recently.

It has one generation Mid June-early August and is found on heathland, moorland, damp grassland, fens and open woodland.

Four-dotted footman moth , Upton Heath
Posted on: 12 January, 2021

A silvery blue butterffly with black markings resting on a green leaf

Holly Blue. Photo: Peter Siddons

Peter sent us this photo, taken on Portland in May last year together with photos of a Common Blue and a Small Blue, also taken on Portland. The images of the Common and Small Blues were added to the Gallery on 11/05/2020 but I delayed adding this photo of a Holly Blue until the New Year thinking it would be a reminder for us that although we may be in the depths of Winter, Spring is getting ever closer.

Holly Blue, Portland
Posted on: 6 January, 2021

Brownish and grey butterfly with black, orange and white markings and a blueish tinge resting on the ground

Purple Emperor. Photo: John Woodruff

John was one of the fortunate few to see and photograph the Purple Emperor at Garston Wood in June (photo taken on 23/06/2020) and one of his photos showing it with wings open was added to the Gallery at that time.  He also sent in this photo at the same time and I felt that rather than add it to the Gallery then I would hold it back for winter and a time when we might need something to brighten the gloom.  I feel that time has now arrived and hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Purple Emperor, Garston Wood
Posted on: 30 December, 2020

Brown and cream moth with a old hags face on each forewing

Mother Shipton moth. Photo: Ann Barlow

Ann found this Mother Shipton moth on 26/05/20 when she visited  DWT’s Corfe Mullen Meadows.and was pleased to find a Small Blue and a Common Blue there also.

This is a day flying species but only in sunshine and when disturbed flies very short distances.  This makes it easier to follow when spotted to get a definitive ID.

With this photo it is easier to see the old hags face with the hooked nose, which gives this moth its name on the right hand forewing.

Mother Shipton Moth, DWT Corfe Mullen Meadow
Posted on: 28 December, 2020

Greyish brown moth , with darkn brown crossbands on forewings.

Burnet Companion. Photo: Penny Hawes

Penny spotted this Burnet Companion moth while at our Perryfields reserve on Portland on 24/06/20.

This species is a day time flying moth and can be found in sunshine or overcast weather. Easily disturbed ,flying only short distances. It can be found in a variety of habitats, grassland, flower rich meadows, woodland rides, verges etc.

Flight season Mid May to early July.

Burnet Companion, Perryfields, Portland
Posted on: 23 December, 2020

Cream and brown moth with white L shape on each forewing

L-wainscot moth, Photo: Caroline Stringer

Caroline sent this L- album wainscot moth in which she caught in her Oakford Fitzpaine garden moth trap on 14/09/20

This moth was once a nationally scarce B species, and an immigrant, but recently has been found regularly and breeding widely.

L-Album wainscot moth, Oakford Fitzpaine
Posted on: 23 December, 2020

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