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Mullein Moth caterpillar in Corfe Castle

Large caterpillar with yellow and black markings on a pale green background

Mullein moth caterpillar. Photo: Richard and Sue Sedgley

The identification of the caterpillar can be made partly from the plant it is on: you can see the plant is somewhat hairy, and has a tall main stalk, so it is probably a verbascum – the food plant of the Mullein moth, along with buddleia and figwort. This moth is more often seen in the caterpillar stage than the adult stage, which is usually on the wing in April and May and is much less eye-catching!

Picture taken in a garden in Corfe Castle on 13/06/2017.

Marsh Fritillary eggs at Cerne Abbas

Large number of orange eggs underneath a leaf.

Eggs of the Marsh Fritillary. Photo: Dave Law

Dave says this was one of quite a few egg batches found on various Dorset sites, which is hopefully good news for future generations of the butterfly. The eggs will hatch into caterpillars, which hibernate over the winter, to then form chrysalises and emerge as the adult butterfly in May the following year.

Dave took the picture at Cerne Abbas on 12/06/2017