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Large brown moth showing yellow underwings when in flight

Large Yellow Underwing Moth. Photo: George McCabe

George’s dogs looked up and became alert when this Large Yellow Underwing landed on the kitchen floor in their Weymouth home on 24.07/19. George said it was one of a number that had gained their attention that week.

These moths have one protracted generation June- Oct and sometimes November, peaking in August. and is long lived.

It comes readily to light sometimes in huge numbers.

White butterfly with a fly on it's under-wing

Large White with Fly. Photo: Mark Pike


Orange Butterfly with tails and white diagonal lines on forewings

Brown Hairstreak > Photo: Mark Pike

Mark sent us this photo of a Large White from Alner’s Gorse on 1/08/19, wondering how it didn’t notice the fly on its wing. No answer to that  unless anyone else has any idea?

The Brown Hairstreak was a surprise too, as it was very low down on Ragwort rather than high in trees as is their usual practice.

We need some computer-based help

small rosy red moth with black markings on upper forewings
Rosy Footman. Photo: Mark Pike

As the Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation, we receive a lot of fantastic shots of butterflies and moths and like to show them in our Gallery. At the height of the season the load gets to be a bit much for one person, so we’re looking for another to help out. Continue reading