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Rosy Footman. Photo: Paul Freedman

Davina and Paul were watering their garden at Ulwell in the evening on 3/08/21 when they spotted this Rosy Footman moth.

In the dying light it is difficult to get a sharp image but this photo still shows the beauty of this small moth.

It has one generation, mid June-early Aug and can sometimes be found at rest on twigs and foliage of woody plants during the day.

Box Moth . Photo: David Wareham

David sent us this photo and tells us:

I found this Box Moth whilst walking along the cliff top at Bournemouth on 25/07/21. Although not an uncommon species, I had never seen one before so it was a great surprise when another flew in my kitchen window the following evening.

Flies from late July through to mid-September in one generation.

Six-spot Burnet moths, Mating. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian spotted this mating pair of Six-spot Burnet moths while he was doing the transect walk at Durlston East on 22/07/21.

This species can be found in a variety of flowery habitats from late June -August, thistles and knapweeds are favoured, though they can be found on a wide range of other flowers.

Over 5 million records of butterflies in Dorset!

View of an orange and black butterfly with its wings open
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. Photo: Brian Arnold.

We are working on bringing you the full 2020 Butterfly Report, which has sent us trawling through our database of butterfly records. The number of butterflies counted from the mid 1990s to May 2021 is 5,608,000, Continue reading