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Long-tailed Blues breeding in Dorset

Small blue-grey butterfly on a purple flower
Long-tailed Blue second brood. Photo; Clive Randall

This small blue butterfly with ‘tails’ to its hindwings is rarely seen in the UK, but there have been a number of UK sightings this year, including ten in Dorset. We have now had news of the butterfly having bred in a garden Continue reading

A tiny orange ,grey and white bird like moth hovering and nectaring at Verbena flowers

Hummingbird Hawkmoth. Photo: Lynda Lambert

This Hummingbird Hawkmoth, or one very much like it, has been visiting my garden over the last three weeks but always when I didn’t have a camera to hand. I finally caught up with this one while sitting out in my garden in Corfe Mullen on the evening of 27/08/19 when it paid a very brief visit.

It is nectaring on Verbena Bonariensis, a favourite flower of many pollinators, but seems to like any flowers with tubular petals such as Salvias, Honeysuckle among many others.

Keep an eye out for them throughout the Summer and into the Autumn, they are active even in light rain!

Large brown moth showing yellow underwings when in flight

Large Yellow Underwing Moth. Photo: George McCabe

George’s dogs looked up and became alert when this Large Yellow Underwing landed on the kitchen floor in their Weymouth home on 24.07/19. George said it was one of a number that had gained their attention that week.

These moths have one protracted generation June- Oct and sometimes November, peaking in August. and is long lived.

It comes readily to light sometimes in huge numbers.

White butterfly with a fly on it's under-wing

Large White with Fly. Photo: Mark Pike


Orange Butterfly with tails and white diagonal lines on forewings

Brown Hairstreak > Photo: Mark Pike

Mark sent us this photo of a Large White from Alner’s Gorse on 1/08/19, wondering how it didn’t notice the fly on its wing. No answer to that  unless anyone else has any idea?

The Brown Hairstreak was a surprise too, as it was very low down on Ragwort rather than high in trees as is their usual practice.