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Brown and white moth with red underwings

Garden Tiger moth. Photo: Caroline Stringer

Caroline tells us from her Oakford Fitzpaine garden on 16/06/20:

the garden is doing well I’ve had 3 different kinds of tiger moth in, the scarlet, the cream spot and now the garden tiger.

An unmistakable moth though the pattern of dark brown spots and blotches varies greatly and no two moths are exactly alike.

Three resting orange butterflies with black markings

Dark Green Fritillaries. Photo: Mel Bray

A remarkable photo sent to us by Mel with the following comments:

Simply had to send you this one – You can spend ages looking for something and then suddenly three of them appear! These Dark Green Fritillaries were I think sheltering from the wind at Badbury Rings today, 08/06/2020 but if anybody can provide another explanation I’d be interested to know.

White, brown and orange butterfly with some black markings resting on a green gorse bush

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. Photo: Shona Refoy

Orange, brown and creamy white butterfly with some black markings nectaring on a white bramble flower

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. Photo: Shona Refoy

Two photos from Shona taken on 02/06/2020 sent to us with the following comments:

I went to Godlingston Heath, being mindful not to trample the habitat. But I needn’t have worried; I had only walked a few metres when the first butterfly flew in and sat on the path in front of me! He then moved to a nearby Gorse bush, where he sat with his wings firmly closed and did not budge, presumably because of the heat? I did notice that he was very well camouflaged, looking remarkably like a dried-up Gorse flower.

I saw other Small Pearl-bordered Frits flying but not settling, apart from the male in the second photo, who had a brief nectaring session on a Bramble flower, very close to where I took the first photo.

View of a resting beige and orange butterfly with black and white markings

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Adrian Read

View of a pale blue and orange butterfly with black markings and white fringes to the wings resting on a green plant

Silver-studded Blue. Photo: Helen Read

Adrian has sent us these photos of Silver-studded Blues Helen and he saw on 25/05/2020 on heathland near Wool/Bovington – he has already submitted details of these sightings to our website and their ID has been confirmed. Continue reading

View of a light blue butterfly with some black spots nectaring on the yellow flower of Kidney Vetch

Small Blue. Photo: Richard Belding

Richard sent us this photo taken on 21/05/2020 of a Small Blue nectaring on Kidney Vetch on the bank of the Weymouth Relief Road adding the comment that he feels it is always good to get a picture with the butterfly on its larval food plant.

View of a bright blue butterfly resting on the green stem of a Sedge plant

Adonis Blue. Photo: Edmund Mackrill

Edmund sent us this photo of an Adonis Blue he took at Portland on 17/05/2020 adding the comment:

Not sure what it was doing with its proboscis extended on the Sedge stem. Finding something it liked no doubt.

View of a brown butterfly with pale markings resting on the ground

Dingy Skipper. Photo: Peter Siddons

View of two resting blue and beige butterflies with orange, black and white markings.

Common Blues mating. Photo: Peter Siddons

Two more photos from Peter – the first one is a Dingy Skipper taken on 13/05/2020 at the High Angle Battery on Portland down the Old Railway cutting at the end of Park Road where Peter told us there were quite a few showing now.  The second photo he took yesterday, 15/05/2020 on the old railway line, shows a pair of Common Blues which he thought may have been mating.  He also mentioned that there were quite a lot of Small Blues there as well.