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a hawkmoth at rest on ivy showing only brown/ upperwings.grey

Hummingbird Hawkmoth. Photo: Martin Adlam.

Martin came across this Hummingbird Hawkmoth at rest on ivy at Rufus Castle on Portland on 22/02/21.

So early in the year, one has to wonder if they are successfully overwintering in the UK nowadays. So good to see the markings when at rest as usually when feeding they are vibrating their wings at such high speed we only see the flash of the orange underwings.

View of an orange butterfly with black, white, brown, yellow and blue markings resting on a pinkish white flower.

Small Tortoiseshell. Photo: John East

John has sent us this photo telling us:

Whilst having lunch today, 01/03/2021 we noticed something fluttering in one of our Daphne bushes so went outside to investigate and found this Small Tortoiseshell nectaring on its highly scented flowers.  This is the third butterfly species we have seen this year in our Hinton St Mary garden.  Not surprisingly the butterfly is a bit tatty round the edges having survived a winter hibernation.

View of a resting red butterfly with black, blue, brown and creamy white markings

Peacock. Photo: Maurice Budden

With the warmer weather over the past few days, Peacock butterflies have been seen in various parts of Dorset.  For Maurice, who sent us this photo it was his first butterfly sighting of the year – seen in his Bridport garden on 28/02/2021.

View of a resting greenish yellow butterfly with some brown markings

Brimstone. Photo: Lynda Lambert

A reddish orange butterfly with black, white and brown markings resting on some green vegetation

Red Admiral. Photo: Lynda Lambert

Lynda sent in these photos of her first butterflies for the year telling us:

At last my first butterflies of 2021 seen today, 26/02/2021 at Pamphill.  Two male Brimstones flying together in the church meadow and one flew right over to where I was standing by the fence line, camouflaging itself at first in the bracken alongside a fresh green leaf of the exact same colour. Then a Red Admiral which looks a little worn so obviously not a migrant . 

A red butterfly with black, blue, brown and creamy white markings resting on the ground

Peacock. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian sent in this photo telling us:

At last! My first sightings of butterflies in 2021. Today, 26/02/2021 we walked near Bloxworth to see all the snowdrops, but the fine weather brought out 3 Brimstone, 2 Peacock and a Small Tortoiseshell. This is my first butterfly photo of the year – a Peacock!! Hopefully many more sightings to come during the next few days of warm sunny weather. The Small Tortoiseshell settled briefly on a snowdrop but unfortunately it flew before I could take a photo – what a great photo that would have made,

A greenish yellow butterfly with some brown markings resting in some green foliage

Brimstone. Photo: Caroline Stringer

This first photo of a Brimstone received this year was sent in to the Gallery by Caroline who told us:

It was lovely to have this Brimstone in my garden this morning and it wasn’t until I got it up on the computer that I saw there was a shield bug just below it, also enjoying the sun. Taken on 26/02/2021 in my garden in Okeford Fitzpaine.