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Adonis Blue Caterpillar, Portland

a green and yellow caterpillar

Adonis Caterpillar. Photo: Michelle Rowland

Michelle found this small Adonis Blue caterpillar at Westcliff on 24/06/19.

The larvae are green with yellow stripes running along the length of the body. Unlike its close relative, the Chalkhill Blue, the larva of the Adonis Blue feeds by day. The larva has a Newcomer’s gland in the 7th segment which provides secretions that are attractive to ants. This is a symbiotic relationship for, like many other blues, the Adonis Blue larva (and pupa) is afforded protection by the ants from parasites and other predators.

Orange ,red ,brown highly patterned butterfly on trefoil flowersand

Small Pearl bordered Fritillary .Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian walked on Godlingstone Heath on 23/06/19 and tells us:

I counted 14 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary – the warm humid weather today appears to have caused them to emerge, as all of them looked very fresh. It would seem that they are emerging rather later than last year, maybe due to the cold early June weather

As this colony is very small and vulnerable to disturbance can we ask anyone visiting Godlingstone Heath to please avoid trampling the habitat. which will hopefully give this beautiful butterfly a chance to increase in numbers.

an open winged Painted Lady and partially open winged Meadow Brown  on bramble

Painted Lady and Meadow Brown. Photo: George McCabe

George sent us this photo of one of the many Painted Ladies he had been seeing over a couple of days, this one taken at Littlemead Weymouth on 24/06/19, sharing the bramble flowers with a Meadow Brown.

It appears there has been a large influx of Painted Ladies all along the South Coast and it could be the start of a huge migration as seen in 2009.

a blue male and brown female butterfly both with orange spots and blue studs mating

Silver-studded Blues mating. Photo: Mel Bray

Mel spotted this pair on 17/06/19 and tells us:

It was turning out to be the third unsuccessful visit to a spot on Town Common where I’ve seen Silver Studded Blues in previous years. Suddenly one appeared from nowhere – then another two materialised and started  mating virtually in front of me! They looked so fresh I almost wondered if they were old enough 🙂