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Side view of a buttefly with pale brown underwings streaked with white

Long-tailed Blue. Photo: Guy Freeman.

Butterlfy with abdomen curled round to lay an egg

Long-tailed Blue. Photo: Guy Freeman

Another Long-tailed Blue! Seen by Guy in Wareham Forest on 26/08/2019. The lower shot shows the butterfly appearing to lay on some Dwarf Gorse, but Guy found no eggs.

These butterflies are not usually seen in the UK, but do occasionally turn up due to their caterpillars coming in on vegetables then hatching. This year, however, reports are coming in from a lot of places in the south of the country, so most of them will be true migrants. Butterfly Conservation HQ have put out an interesting press release about it. Dorset currently boasts four sightings.

Clouded Yellows at Osmington

Two yellow butterflies in long grass

Clouded yellows mating. Photo; Harold Gillen

We’ve had two lots of praise come in for the walk we held at Osmington on 22 August – we’re glad it was enjoyable! This shot of mating Clouded Yellows comes from Harold Gillen, who reports the guided walk saw 17 species in all, and said: “Lovely walk, lovely weather and great company”. Thank you Harold!