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Over 5 million records of butterflies in Dorset!

View of an orange and black butterfly with its wings open
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. Photo: Brian Arnold.

We are working on bringing you the full 2020 Butterfly Report, which has sent us trawling through our database of butterfly records. The number of butterflies counted from the mid 1990s to May 2021 is 5,608,000, Continue reading

Butterflies don’t always have wings

Two Orange Tip butterflies mating while clinging to an old dandelion see head
Mating Orange Tips. Photo: Lyn Pullen

We all tend to think of “butterflies” as just the adult stage that we see on the wing, but many of species spend a lot more time as eggs, caterpillars or chrysalises than they do as adults and you can record all these stages on this website. Continue reading