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Two butterflies, one orange with black markings and the other a brownish colour with lighter markings

Silver-washed Fritillaries. Photo: Sue Law

This photo sent in by Sue just captures the moment:

Thought you might like this photo of Silver-washed Fritillaries mating – the female being the valezina form. I saw this yesterday 10/07/2020 by Rooksmoor Copse on a walk from Alner’s Gorse. We saw 2 valezinas, the other being at Alner’s.

Chocolate brown butterfly with cream coloured markings resting on a green leaf

Speckled Wood ab. Photo: Mark Pike

Another photo from Mark taken at Alner’s Gorse on 10/07/2020 which he sent to us with the following comments:

This Speckled Wood is I think ab. kulczynskii which has no light colouring around the eye spots on the bottom of the hind wings.

Brown and orange butterfly resting on a green leaf

Gatekeeper. Photo: Roger Peart

Brown and orange butterfly with white dots on the wings resting on a green leaf

Gatekeeper. Photo: Roger Peart

Two more photos from Roger sent with the following comments:

Two different Gatekeepers at Longham early this morning, 10/07/2020. The ‘open winged’ one a male, not sure about the other as only saw it as in the photo. Several of them enjoying a large bramble patch. A Small Skipper around in a different area too – but didn’t have the camera to hand for that. A number of Peacocks and at least two Red Admirals as well. 

A blackish purple and blue butterfly resting on a green leaf

Purple Hairstreak. Photo: Shona Refoy

A blackish blue butterfly resting on a green leaf

Purple Hairstreak. Photo: Shona Refoy

More images from Alner’s Gorse sent to us by Shona who told us:

It was fairly overcast at Alner’s Gorse yesterday 07/07/2020, so the Purple Hairstreaks were opening their wings. It was also quite breezy, so they closed them again when they were blown around too much! The first photo is of a female, the second is of a male, both on Alder Buckthorn.

A white butterfly with black and greenish markings resting on a green leaf

Green-veined White. Photo: Ann Barlow

Another photo from Ann taken in Corfe Mullen and sent to us with the following comment:

I walked through the Orchid field again today, 08/07/2020 and although not many butterflies were about in the wind, I was surprised to see this Green-veined White

Photo of a brown butterfly with white and orange markings resting on a green leaf

White-letter Hairstreak. Photo: Mark Pike

A wonderful fresh White-letter Hairstreak that Mark spent about 30mins with as it nectared and fluttered around the same bush at Alner’s Gorse.  Mark added that:

Eventually it had enough of bramble juice and spotted this lovely spot of bird poo but had to fight off those flies first, which it promptly did and had it’s afters!

View of an orange and greyish brown butterfly nectaring on a lilac coloured Buddleia flower

Grayling. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona sent in this photo telling us:

While on Portland yesterday, 06/07/2020 I visited Tout Quarry, and saw this male Grayling nectaring on Buddleia. The Graylings were very active when the sun was shining, apparently vanishing when it clouded over, and becoming active again as soon as the sun reappeared.

View of a red and black butterfly with some white markings nectaring on a pink coloured flower

Peacock. Photo: Roger Peart

View of 4 reddish orange and black butterflies with white markings resting on the ground

Red Admirals. Photo: Roger Peart

Two photos of Peacocks taken in his Wimborne garden this afternoon, 07/07/2020 and sent to us by Roger.  The first photo shows one on a very tall plant (one of a lot on his old veggie patch) and the second one captures four of them resting on the ground – not a sight seen very often.

An orange and brown butterfly resting on a green leaf

Gatekeeper ab. Photo: Mark Pike

Orange and brown butterfly resting on a green leaf

Meadow Brown ab. Photo: Mark Pike

Another great day at Alner’s Gorse for Mark on 07/07/2020 when he took these two photos which he sent us with the following observations:

An unknown Gatekeeper ab, the right forewing is lacking the black around the usual white spots as the left wing does. The Meadow Brown ab.caeca (at least that is the closest I can find) that unusually has no white spots in the black patches.