About us

Learn about Butterfly Conservation Dorset Branch and our work

Young boy with moth on his nose

Butterfly Conservation is a national organisation with 32 branches, of which Dorset is one. We also have the headquarters of the national society in Dorset, near Lulworth. The branches and the national organisation work together to help butterflies and moths.

What we do

At Dorset Branch we undertake a lot of different types of work to help butterflies and moths, both directly and indirectly, and are always grateful to receive offers of help with any of them:

  • Conservation work on our four butterfly reserves and other sites across the county.
  • Butterfly and moth recording - We have many different schemes, to suit you, whether you are a casual recorder or a dedicated enthusiast. See our How to Record page.
  • Record keeping - It's essential to count the butterflies and moths, but there is a lot of follow-up work in data input, checking the results, putting them all together, analysing them, and seeing they go through to form part of the national database.
  • Committee members - Somebody has to run the group, and to see that members are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Education - We need to open up both young and older eyes to the plight of our lepidoptera. We work with schools, and we have an education stall that goes out to events.
  • Awareness raising - People won't help butterflies and moths unless they know about them, understand there are problems, and can tap into a way of doing something to help. This is carried out by giving talks; attending events;being on social media; distributing leaflets; publishing a newsletter, keeping the press in touch with what we are doing, and much more.
  • Fundraising - We have a stall which attends some 20 events a year, as well as an on-going plant sale, and we apply for grants for specific pieces of work.