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Your contribution will help butterflies and moths in Dorset

Butterflies and moths are in trouble... 75% of the 60 British butterflies have declined over the last ten years, while 66% of common moths have declined over the last forty. 62 moth species became extinct in the twentieth century

The Wall Brown has declined by 37% and the collapse of its colonies is spreading north.

Wall Brown Butterfly

Wall Brown. Photo: Mark Pike

Make a donation

If you would like to donate to help butterflies and moths in Dorset, click:


The donate button above will take you to the national Butterfly Conservation website, but the money will come to us.

Money is used for:

  • Conservation work. Our volunteers put in over 2,000 hours of conservation work last year (2012-13), but there are some tasks they cannot undertake, and tools have to be purchased.
  • Education. This may be sessions with children in school, courses for adults, talks to societies, or walks. Again, most of the work is done by volunteers who make little or no charge, but there are costs like hall hire and refreshments.
  • Profile-raising. We work constantly to raise the profile of butterflies and moths, and the work we do to help them. Last year we attended 20 events held by other organisations, talking to hundreds of people about the importance of our work. We tend to prioritise those events we can attend free, but some do charge for a stall.
  • Running the organisation. Costs include the printing and distribution of our newsletter, maintenance of the website, and holding meetings including an AGM (Annual General Meeting - required by our constitution).

Donate while you shop on the internet

Logo for Give as you liveIf you are an internet shopper, there are many sellers who will donate a percentage of the amount your purchase is worth.

Go to and follow their instructions, registering Butterfly Conservation as the cause to which you would like to donate.

If you find it confusing, email and we'll help you out.

Your will

Please also consider leaving money to us in your will. Butterflies and moths really do need all the help they can get - would you really like to see a world without these flying jewels?

Two Small Tortoiseshell butterflies on buddleia flowerAdonis Blue Butterfly

Left: Small Tortoiseshells. Photo: Richard Belding. Right: Adonis Blue. Photo: Richard Gillingham.