Very dark butterfly with cream edges to its wings on short grass

Camberwell Beauty. Photo: Geoff Pike

Geoff caught sight of this very unusual butterflynear Wimborne and took a quick photo from a distance with his i-phone, so apologies for the poor photo. He described it as a “large butterfly with a strong flight”.

It is possible this was a genuine migrant (rather than a release), as odd ones are seen in this country most years, but there is no evidence they breed here. It is found throughout North America and most of northern Eurasia, except the UK and Ireland.


4 thoughts on “Camberwell Beauty seen in Dorset

  1. Kylie Jones Mattock

    Saw a couple of butteflies today, very large, wingbeats so strong and fast that couldn’t get a good look but seemed to have paler marks around edge of a darker wing. Unlike the common things I am used to spotting. Near Charmouth. Could it be?

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