Fundraising butterfly cycle ride coming closer…

Two men standing with their bicycles
Wren and Fred in training

At the end of May, Wren and Fred Franklin are cycling ove 1,000 miles to raise funds for the Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation. They have recently filled us in on their training schedule and they are working very hard to get ready. Wren says:

The vast majority of our training is happening in the saddle – getting miles into our legs. Regular short rides to and from work with bigger rides fitted in around work and family commitments. As April finishes we are averaging 150 miles a week with longer rides at around 70 miles each. The pain of longer rides is lessening and the recovery time shortening. It looks as though it will be difficult to fit in any back-to-back big days, so there will be a significant ramp up when we start JOGLE proper.

Off the bike, a knowledgeable friend has given us a routine of gentle exercises (think yoga moves) to do each day and to use to loosen up pre-ride. This is tailored for endurance cycling with a focus on flexibility, stability and core strength. The month of May should see us get a bit of wild swimming in as well – a change to warmer weather would be welcomed though.

Something we are both working on, having identified it as a weakness, is hydration. Taking on water before, during and after rides and not returning from a long ride with a nearly full water bottle. We are also being mindful of pace on our rides; having regular rest stops and replacing burnt calories – cake will feature often here!

We are finally starting to see some butterflies on our training rides – Brimstones, Orange tips, Peacocks and Speckled woods. These are getting recorded using Irecord Butterflies app as we go.

Fundraising is going well so far, having recently passed £1500. We are continuing to publicise our ride locally, and hoping to raise as much money as we can for Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation.

If you could encourage them by making a donation, that would be great. Go to:

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