Transect walk training day

View of a field over a hedge with blue sky and white clouds
Wild Woodbury. Photo: Steve Brown

Transect walks are done to monitor butterflies on a site over a period of time. There are a few rules involved, to ensure records are consistent, and we’ve got an event coming up soon to help new or would-be transect walkers understand what to do.“Butterfly Transects and How to Walk Them” is on Thursday 27 April at Wild Woodbury: the exciting community rewilding project started by the Dorset Wildlife Trust in 2021. See our Events Page for more information on the day, and the DWT website for more about the project. Please note places on this day are limited, so you must book.

We are always grateful for more transect walkers, and at the moment particularly need help in north Dorset and at Hethfelton (near Wool). Please use the contact page on this website to tell us if you are interested in learning more.

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