View of an orange butterfly with black markings resting on a purple coloured plum

Comma ab. unknown. Photo: Jennifer Long

View of a brown butterfly resting on purple coloured plums

Comma ab.unknown. Photo: Jennifer Long

These are just two of the photos Jennifer sent to us of a very unusual Comma she saw in her back garden near Lodmoor Hill, Weymouth on 11/09/2021 – it is unusual in that it has rather fewer spots than are normally found on a Comma.

Editor’s Note:  as I was unable to find a name for this specific aberration, I sent copies of these photos to Mark Pike, who has a considerable knowledge of butterfly aberrations, for his advice and he replied saying:

That is an excellent ab, in fact it looks like an unnamed one. The closest I can find is sagitta-album which it could be a variation of, but best to put it down as “unknown”.  Wish I had found it myself!

My thanks to Mark for his guidance on this one.

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