A greenish yellow butterfly with some brown markings plus a fly resting in the butterfly's wing

Brimstone butterfly with fly. Photo: Donald Simcock

Donald was in contemplative mode yesterday, 06/09/2021 as he enjoyed the wonderful weather we are having at the moment and he sent in this photo with the following comments:

Yesterday was an easy day in our Bournemouth garden reading and watching. I was struck by how many times a fly or bee would bump off one of the 5 whites whilst they were feeding. I wonder if this is when nectar sources are becoming more scarce and competition for them increases.

I also noticed this male Brimstone with a fly on its wing. The fly came and went a number of times as the Brimstone steadfastly didn’t move for about 15 minutes. Isn’t nature wonderful and I see new behaviour nearly every time I just sit and watch.

Editor’s Note:  Donald’s experience really illustrates how pleasurable the simple joys of nature can be when we just take time out to look at what is going on around us.

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