Four photos showing a brown and orange butterfly being caught by a yellow coloured spider

A Meadow Brown butterfly being caught by a Spider. Photos: Donald Simcock

Fresh from the success of seeing 21 species of butterflies on the BC Walk at Osmington two days earlier, Donald witnessed another “butterfly moment” and he tells us all about it below:

Today, 27/08/2021 I went to Badbury Rings for a short walk and to look at butterflies but it was very cloudy when I got there. Near the end of the walk a little brightness brought out a few fliers but they were slow. What caught my attention was a Meadow Brown flying low and seeming to suddenly stop in mid air but fluttering. As I got close I could see the spiders web and a hint of yellow, from what might be an Orb spider.

In a flash it was there clutching the butterfly and a few seconds later wrapping it up. Within about 10 seconds the job was complete and the spider came up to the top of the web as if to look at its handy work and say “job done”.


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Donald took 10 photos of this little episode and chose 4 of them to send in but knowing that we can only put up 2 at a time he put all 4 photos together in one image so that we could see the entire process.

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