Two butterflies on a pink flower - one white with black markings and the other brown and orange

Marbled White and Meadow Brown. Photo: Penny Hawes

Two brown butterflies resting on green vegetation

Small and Lulworth Skippers. Photo: Penny Hawes

Penny sent in these two photos that she took on a trip to Portland on 17/07/2021 telling us:

The Skippers were resting on the same stem at the Bill, (don’t ask me which Skippers they are) and the Marbled White and Meadow Brown were sharing a flower at Kingbarrow. There were probably thousands of Marbled Whites on Portland, but I only saw two Chalkhill Blues at Perryfields, usually a hotspot for them.

Editor’s Note:  The top Skipper in this photo is a female Small Skipper and the bottom one is a male Lulworth Skipper – my thanks to Brian Arnold for confirming these ID’s.

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