Two mating orange and brown butterflies with black and white markings

Gatekeepers. Photo: Shona Refoy

A greenish yellow butterfly with some brown markings nectaring on a pale pink flower

Brimstone. Photo: Shona Refoy

Two photos from Shona, both taken yesterday, 20/07/2021 and sent in telling us:

I went to Garston Wood yesterday morning, but by 8.30am I couldn’t stand the horseflies any longer, so I left and went to Badbury Rings instead!  It was pretty hot by the time I got there, so most of the butterflies weren’t settling, apart from this pair of Gatekeepers who were otherwise occupied!  I then came across this beautifully fresh female Brimstone in the wooded area in the middle of the Rings, my first of the new brood.

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