Dark Green Fritillary aberration

Ornge butterfly with a lot of drk brown messy marking
Dark Green Fritillary. Photo: Shona Refoy

This amazing butterfly was photographed on 26 June 2021 on Fontmell Down in north Dorset. Shona Refoy, who sent us this photo, said it was flying with other Dark Green Fritillaries, so it seems reasonable to think it was a Dark Green Fritillary aberration. If anybody can recognise it as a named aberration, please get in touch with us.

Just for reference, this is a more normal DFG:

view of a Dark Green Fritillary basking with wings open showing full pattern of upper fore-wings

Dark Green Fritillary. Photo: Mel Bray

2 thoughts on “Dark Green Fritillary aberration

  1. Christine Bowman-Hill

    I also saw a Dark Green Fritillary aberration at Durlston Country Park. I did send a photograph to Butterfly Conservation Lulworth who acknowledged that it was an aberration. I can sent the photograph if you wish.

  2. lynpullen

    Hi Christine. if you could record your sighting on our sightings form that would be helpful – there is a notes box where you can say about Lulworth having responded. It doesn’t look like I can give you a link in this box, but if you go to our home page http://www.dorsetbutterflies.com and look in the right-hand column, you will see a box listing Recent Sightings and within it a green button saying “Report a sighting”. I don’t think we’ve been sent a DGF aberration – it sounds interesting.


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