An orange butterfly with black markings on a green leaf

Comma. Photo: George McCabe

An orange butterfly with black markings on a green leaf

Comma Photo: George McCabe

Two photos taken by George on 16/07/2021 sent to us by him with the following commentary:

I ‘ve been out on a few short walks today, one of them was the Littlemoor Water Tower Coppice area as its also next to Lookout Wood so anything can turn up. As l walked along the short path somethings quickly took flight too fast for me to identify so l decided to return by the same route hoping to spot anything when l suddenly spotted a Comma on a high leaf and tried to take a picture but failed as it was too high. l then tried to lower the branch by hand, and you guessed it, it took flight flew over my head and landed on the bush behind me, right behind another Comma which in turn was sitting there watching me and wondering what on earth this human was doing?  l took a quick picture before it fell off the leaf laughing (top photo) – as the sunlight is behind it you can see its shadow through the leaf; it then decided to pose for a photo (bottom photo) before flying off. The wife just shakes her head when l told her.

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