A white butterfly resting on a yellow flower

Wood White. Photo: Shona Refoy

View of a white butterfly on a yellow flower

Wood White. Photo: Shona Refoy

We don’t often get photos of our rarest, resident white butterfly sent in for the Gallery but Shona has sent us these two telling us:

I went to The Spittles at Lyme Regis on 01/06/2021 with the hope of seeing some Wood Whites.

After all the horrible weather I didn’t know if I would be too early or too late, but saw at least five, and at one point had three fluttering gently around me. I saw two females ovipositing, and there was plenty of Bird’s-foot-trefoil around, so hopefully the colony will continue to thrive.

Taking photos was tricky, because the butterflies kept disappearing over the edge of the landslip (which I didn’t want to), and they were very active because of the heat. These are the best photos that I managed to get – shame about the shadow in the second photo, but that’s how it was!

A warning – the landslip is most likely to slip when the ground is wet, which it is at present – so to anyone who wants to go there, be very careful!

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