Two orange butterflies with black and yellow markings

Marsh Fritillaries. Photo: Donald Simcock

View of some yellow butterfly eggs on a green leaf

Marsh Fritillary Eggs. Photo: Donald Simcock

Here are a couple of photos sent to us by Donald with the following comments:

On 26/05/2021 we went along to join a walk at Lydlinch Common run by the Dorset branch of Butterfly Conservation to look for the Marsh Fritillary, of which we saw many. We also saw Green Hairstreak, Holly Blue, Orange Tip, and Comma. This was our first visit to this reserve and the first time we have seen a Marsh Fritillary and Green Hairstreak.

One of the things we enjoyed most was talking about the conservation of the site and some of the observational peculiarities about the different butterflies. One of the volunteers found a Devil’s-bit scabious plant with eggs laid by the Marsh Fritillary and for us this was a bonus as it is probably one of the least seen processes of the life cycle. And a final bonus for us was hearing Nightingales sing, something we’ve waited a long time to hear.

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