An orange butterfly with black and white markings resting on a green leaf

Painted Lady. Photo: Shona Refoy

This Painted Lady made Shona very happy as you can see:

I went to Stour Valley LNR on 20/04/2021 hoping to see some Orange Tips. I didn’t!  There were a few Large and Small Whites, Brimstones, Commas and Speckled Woods around, but the highlight of the day was this beautiful, fresh looking Painted Lady. I came across him/her in the Arboretum, just as I was heading back to the car park to go home, and could hardly believe my eyes!

Last year I didn’t see a Painted Lady until 20th August, and in 2018 I only saw one on 13th October, so I was delighted (to say the least) with this sighting.

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