A green butterfly perching on a gorse bush

Green Hairstreak. Photo: Brian Arnold

A green butterfly resting in green vegetation

Green Hairstreak. Photo: Brian Arnold

Two photos from Brian sent in telling us:

Today, 04/04/2021 we walked today along the footpath from Ailwood Down to Corfe Castle. Below Challow Hill we saw a single Green Hairstreak and a couple of Orange Tips plus several other species. Is this the first Green Hairstreak seen in Dorset this year I wonder?

I have attached a couple of photos of the Green Hairstreak showing how well camouflaged it is when against a green background. It stood out quite well when perched on gorse.

Editor’s Note: To date this does appear to be the first record of a Green Hairstreak reported to the Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation this year.  A photo of one of the Orange Tips Brian saw  will be added to the Gallery later in a separate posting.

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