Brighten up February!

A red butterfly with black, white and blue markings nectaring on a reddish orange flower
Peacock. Photo: Ann Barlow

February can always be a difficult time of year, but 2021 has extra problems, so why not cheer yourself up by having a look at our Gallery page?Just scrolling down the photos of butterflies and moths in all their wonderful colours will instantly brighten you up.

If you want to look at photos of a particular species, use the search box. We don’t guarantee there are pictures of all 2,000+ moths in the UK there, but all butterfly species seen in Dorset are represented (we think – let us know if not!)

Why not have a look back through your photos and see if you have any you could send in?  We are looking for images showing your enthusiasm for butterflies and moths, so technical excellence is not necessary. All the information about sending in shots is on the photo submission page.

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