E-Moth News now out

Bright Pink and yellow/Green striped hawkmoths moths
Elephant Hawkmoths. Photo: Mark Pike

Butterfly Conservation is very much about moths as well as butterflies, and moths can generate some mind-boggling statistics.

The national moth recording scheme is currently being updated with thee years of data covering 2017 to 2019, and though only 21 out of 71 macro moth datasets have been added so far, they total 1,258,861 moths records! Seven out of 50 micro moth datasets have added an amazing 83,625 records to date.

For more very interesting moth news see the latest E-moth publication, which also covers:

  • Helping County Recorders to manage their local data
  • Goodbye to Mark Parsons
  • The use of the iRecord app
  • The finding of the rare Wood Ants Clothes Moth near Braemar
  • A reminder of the What’s flying Tonight app, which uses your location to tell you what might be on the wing
  • The introduction of the DECIDE project, which aims to prioritise certain places as in greatest need of butterfly and moth records in the UK
  • Moth identifiers needed by the Rothamsted Insect Survey

The level of recording effort evidenced by the size of the national datasets is extrememly impressive, but that doesn’t mean more Dorset moth records aren’t needed, so don’t hesitate to send your records in to our sister organisation, the Dorset Moth Group, which asks that they are sent sightings via the LivingRecord app.

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