A brown butterfly with cream markings resting on green leaves

Speckled Wood. Photo: Shona Refoy

A reddish orange, black and brown butterfly with white markings nectaring on Ivy flowers

Red Admiral. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona made the most of the recent sunshine and sent in these two photos telling us:

On 04/11/2020 I went to Ulwell and Ballard Down, in the hope of seeing a butterfly or two before the onset of winter and much to my delight, I saw four species!

I saw this male Speckled Wood and two Red Admirals (this one could be female, judging by her abdomen) soon after arriving at Ulwell, when my car thermometer had just reached 7 degrees C, although the sun made it feel warmer.  On Ballard Down I saw at least two more Red Admirals, and a camera shy Peacock. 

Back at Ulwell I was treated to a Clouded Yellow flypast – what a great day!

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