View of a reddish orange and brown butterfly with black and white markings resting on a green nettle leaf

Red Admiral. Photo: George McCabe

George sent in this photo of a strong flying Red Admiral in fairly good condition that he saw yesterday, 24/11/2020 and as it might be the last one for this year he felt he would like to share the  moment.  This is what he told us:

As it was a beautiful day weather-wise, l decided to do a circuit walk going through Bincombe and then Lower Bincombe, not on the lookout for butterflies as l thought there would be none. 

The trouble with this route is farm tractors and trailers are so wide they take up all the road and as one was approaching l had to climb on to the grass embankment alongside the hedge for safety. 

To my surprise something took flight beside me and as l tried to follow the movement with my eyes, l lost it in a field of brassicas. However, a little lesson I’ve learned is that sometimes if you wait long enough the butterflies will come back to the same spot; two minutes later a Red Admiral flew back over the hedge landing on fresh nettles and as l started to take some pictures standing in the road the farm tractor came back. 

Imagine the scene if you can – there’s me in the middle of the road trying to take a picture of what might be the last butterfly of the year, and the farmer who stopped his tractor laughing his head off at my antics. Just as well they know me.

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