View of a greenish yellow butterfly with some brown markings resting on cream and green coloured leaves

Brimstone. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona sent in this photo of a Brimstone she spotted in her Broadstone garden telling us:

I enjoyed reading about George’s Red Admiral encounter, but was also a bit envious as I hadn’t seen a butterfly since 10th November and then this morning, 28/11/2020 while I was up the stepladder cleaning the gutters, I was astonished to see a female Brimstone fly past me. 
By the time I caught up with her she was resting on the Euonymus, and stayed there for a little while, slightly beating her wings rapidly – she looked as though she was shivering – presumably to warm up?  She then flew around and in the nearby Camellia, only settling very briefly, before flying out of my sight.  A lovely encounter on what should have been my son’s wedding day – delayed due to Covid (like so many other things).

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