View of a brown butterfly with cream markings caught in a purple flower by a white crab spider

Speckled Wood with Crab Spider. Photo: Donald Simcock

Close up photo of a brownish butterfly caught by a white crab spider in a purple flower

Speckled Wood (close up) with Crab Spider. Photo: Donald Simcock

And now for something rather different – 2 photos taken on 26/09/2020 of a Speckled Wood caught by a crab spider sent in by Donald telling us:

This Autumn we have had a lot of spiders and webs in our garden in Bournemouth and I have seen one Small White caught in a web and partially wrapped in spiders silk before being ‘sucked dry’.

The other day we had a few Speckled Woods flying around and feeding on our Asters. Later I noticed that one of them wasn’t moving around and could only just see the white legs of a Crab spider, of which we have had many over the Summer. After a few attempts of kneeling and then lying down I managed to get a few photographs.

The next day the spider released the Speckled Wood and I retrieved it for study. The normally brown eyes were now a deep blackish purple.

It is remarkable that this spider has no web to catch prey but just sits patiently waiting for a victim. In the Summer they were catching bluebottles nearly every day.

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