View of a pale blue butterfly with black markings resting on a plant seed head

Holly Blue. Photo: Bryan Roberts/Kim Lytle

Bryan sent in this photo of a Holly Blue telling us:

Kim and I were surprised to see two Holly Blue butterflies along the ivy-filled right-of-way known as Barleycrates Lane, Portland, on 16/10/2020.  BC’s main website indicates there can be a third brood in mid-October but we have never seen one at this time of year before. No others appear to have been reported to the Dorset Branch “recent sightings” in the last few days. 

Editor’s Note:  As Bryan says, this a very late sighting of a Holly Blue and he and Kim were very fortunate to see them and to get a photo.  This downloadable Butterflies Flight Times chart based on recorded sightings sent to Dorset BC between 2013 and 2017 shows when each butterfly is on the wing in Dorset and there is only one record for a Holly Blue at this time of the year – the peak being in one week in early August when 552 sightings were sent in.

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