A yellow butterfly with some brownish and white markings resting on green leaf

Clouded Yellow. Photo: Donald Simcock

This photo of a Clouded Yellow was sent in by Donald telling us:

Yesterday, 09/10/2020 on one of our walks around Ulwell, near Swanage, we came across a steep slope that had been cut back probably last winter and was full of plants, some in flower. Walking through to get to Ballard Down we saw a Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown or Small Heath and a Clouded Yellow.

Later, on our return, after the rains, we sat in this grassy patch to have a late lunch and just soak up the sun. We were rewarded with 3 Clouded Yellows moving back and forth feeding and sunbathing. The orientation and angle of the hill has created a hot spot and definitely worth a few visits next year.

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