A greenish white butterfly with some black markings nectaring on a purple flower

Small White. Photo: Donald Simcock

Donald sent us this photo of a Small White taken in his Bournemourh garden on 13/09/2020 together with his thoughts and reflections on his first butterfly summer:

As Summer comes to an end we still have a few butterflies in our Bournemouth garden – Small Whites, Red Admiral, and Speckled Wood with the occasional appearance of a day flying Mint moth and a Hummingbird Hawk moth.  As the sun is getting lower in the sky we have many more flowers in the shade and these are now only visited by bees. 

It has been a very interesting first year of studying and photographing butterflies especially in the garden due to “Lockdown” – seeing them soon after they emerge in all their finery to mating and then entering a faded glory stage to being caught by birds and spiders.

I have recorded 12 different species and feel privileged to have had the time to sit and watch them.

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