A brown and orange butterfly nectaring on a violet-blue flower

Meadow Brown. Photo: Penny Hawes

An orange and brown butterfly with black markings nectaring on a white flower

Small Copper. Photo: Penny Hawes

Two photos from Penny sent in telling us:

These two were found along the path to Kilwood, on 08/9/20.  I had intended to walk to the Middlebere bird hide, but when I reached the turning, the road was closed! I think maybe I like these photos for the flowers as much as the butterflies! Not sure if the Meadow Brown is on Small Scabious or Devil’s-bit Scabious. My flower book says you can tell the difference by the leaves, but I haven’t included any!

Editor’s Note:  With its round violet-blue flowers and protruding reddish anthers, this Meadow Brown is on Devil’s-bit Scabious.  This tall plant with rounded violet-blue flowers that resemble a pincushion is in the teasel family and like its relative, it is rich in pollen and nectar.  It is much bluer than Field or Small Scabious and is popular with bees, moths and butterflies, especially the vulnerable Marsh Fritillary butterfly.

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