Greenish white butterfly with black markings nectaring on a white Dahlia flower

Green-veined White. Photo: Donald Simcock

Another photo from Donald sent to us with the following observations:

The other day, 09/09/2020 I was doing a spot of gardening in Bournemouth when I saw a great ball of white tumbling in the air. It took some time to count them but there were 6 “whites” flying touching and bumping each other. This is new behavior to me. One white would land or be distracted by the white Dahlias and then re-join the melee. 

Eventually some gave up and landed, at least two were Small Whites and one was, I think, looking at the B.C. web site, a Green-veined White. I was surprised as I have never seen this species in the garden before and my first ever sighting of this species was this year on a walk along the Roman road near Gussage All Saints.

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