View of two brown and blue butterflies with orange, black and white markings whilst mating

Common Blues mating. Photo: Donald Simcock

close up view of a pale brown butterfly with black, white and orange markings mating

Common Blues mating (close up), Photo: Donald Simcock

Donald has sent us these remarkable photos of Common Blue butterflies mating with the following comments.  Warning – one is a close up photo:

We were walking over Martin Down on Thursday 30/07/2020 and saw lots of butterflies including Grizzled Skipper but these were all in Hampshire. By mid afternoon with forays on and off the Bokerley Ditch we found ourselves in Dorset and saw 3 Dark-green Fritillaries, 3 Small Tortoiseshell and these Common blues mating. I could get really close and saw the bright orange parts which I am thinking is the male sexual organ. A lovely walk on a spectacular site of landscape proportion.

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