View of a light brown and orange butterfly with black and white markings resting on a green leaf

Brown Hairstreak. Photo: Mike Kirby

View of a brown and orange butterfly resting on a green leaf

Gatekeeper ab. Photo: Mike Kirby

Mike and his partner, Sarah spent a great day at Alner’s Gorse on 28/07/2020 and have sent us these photos telling us:

We saw 6 Brown Hairstreaks, 3 of which gave prolonged views. We also saw the unusual pale one, reported by Mark Pike, who we bumped into and chatted to. We also saw a Gatekeeper ab with an unusually pale wing (see photo) and even on returning to the car park we found a Red Admiral on the sign post, which was of the (not uncommon) ab Bialbata, with a white spot in the red band on the forewings. With 129 Gatekeepers, and species including Essex Skipper and Small Copper, the reserve was performing at its best!

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