White butterfly laying eggs on a green leaf

Small White egg laying. Photo: Donald Simcock

Close up photo of the head of a white butterfly on a pink flower

Small White. Photo: Donald Simcock

Donald sent us these two photos taken on 14/07/20 (top photo) and 16/07/2020 (bottom one) with the following comments:

I was testing a new camera and lens in my back garden in Moordown, Bournemouth before I go out and photograph butterflies in the wild. 

I was pleased with the eyes of the Small White but had to crop the image down to hide the ragged wings. The egg laying was a surprise after following the butterfly around and around the garden before it landed on our rocket growing in the veg patch. This was the only angle I could get to photograph it and so no head. This is the first time I have seen a butterfly egg laying moving it’s body back and forth, isn’t nature fascinating.

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