Brown and orange butterfly with white markings nectaring on a white flower

Brown Hairstreak. Photo: Mark Pike

View of a chocolate brown and orange butterfly with a black and yellow insect on a green leaf

Brown Hairstreak. Photo: Mark Pike

Mark was back at Alner’s Gorse yesterday, 28/07/2020 and has sent us these photos with the following comments:

Alners just keeps on popping up some amazing surprises! I was treated to my best day ever for Brown Hairstreaks today, 28/07/2020 – 10 in all (2 females/8 males) but these two stood out from the crowd!  This basking female was totally oblivious that she was keeping company with a Yellow Legged Clearwing moth! An amazing moment!

Editor’s Note:  Mark also sent two more photos of a paler Brown Hairstreak he saw which as they complement these photos I will be adding to the Gallery in a separate posting at the same this one is added.

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