Big Butterfly Count 2020

Big Butterfly Count 2020

The annual Big Butterfly Count starts today, Friday 17th July and runs to Sunday 9th August so please help us this year to record as many butterflies as possible during this period.

Butterflies and moths are key indicators of the health of our environment and anyone can help contribute to our understanding of these incredible creatures by taking part in in the Big Butterfly Count.

All you have to do is spend 15 minutes in an outdoor space during sunny conditions and count the types and numbers of butterflies you see; you can also do this more than once in different places.

The full details of how you can help with our annual citizen science event can be found at 

View of two butterflies on a pink flower - one orange and black and the other red with white and black eye spot markings.Peacock and Red Admiral. Photo: Shona Refoy

As so many of us have sought comfort, inspiration and hope through spending time in nature during the difficult last few months of lockdown, participating in the Big Butterfly Count is an easy way for us to do something positive to give back and help conserve nature for future generations.

Details which you can print off are provided of all the butterflies you are likely to see and you can also look on this website at the species likely to be seen in Dorset, with detailed notes on how to tell them apart.

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