White butterfly with greyish black markings resting on a yellow flower

Wood White. Photo: Brian Arnold

Brian went to Lyme Regis yesterday, 02/06/2020 on a hunt for the Wood White and the following is his report on his expedition:

We followed the footpath up to Timber Hill, then down to the edge of the landslip at The Spittles.

We were hopeful of seeing lots of Wood White, and as we arrived saw our first on the rough cracked ground just above the landslip. I got a quick photo as one landed on the Bird’s Foot Trefoil which was there in abundance. Over the next 4 hours we saw a total of 3 Wood White flying slowly and close to the ground, but none would settle for a photo. Maybe it was too hot today – we were certainly roasted. Often they flew around us, going back and forward sometimes going over the edge of the landslip and down to the bottom – well out of reach, but never settling for more than a second or so. One settled briefly right on the edge of the drop but I did not have the courage to get close enough for a photo. In four hours I got just the one photo.

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