Spring Branch Newsletter and 2019 Butterfly Report now online

You can find both documents in pdf form on our Branch Newsletter page.

We are unable to send print versions of either document out at present, as HQ have had to close the Lulworth office due to the Covid-19 lockdown, and we rely on them to both print the envelopes and to frank the finished items, which saves us a considerable sum of money against using stamps. Whether we will print them is something the committee needs to discuss, but if you have a view on the matter, please let us know by using the Contact Form.

Newsletter 93 features articles on:

  • Our Butterfly Reserves
  • The Painted Lady invasion of 2019
  • How one member found Long-tailed Blues in his garden,
  • How the Weymouth Relief Road butterfly areas are doing (written by Phil Sterling)

and much more.

Newsletter 94 is the Butterfly Report for 2019, and paints an overall good picture for butterflies last year, with inevitable variation between species. There is also information on how much of Dorset we covered in the last five-year recording cycle, and a run-down of the various butterfly Atlases that exist recording the distribution of butterfly species in Dorset.

Both are available in pdf form on our Branch Newsletter page.

We hope you enjoy both of them, and if you would like to write something for the next newsletter, please contact Jane Smith.

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