View of a Blue butterfly with beige underwings with white, black and orange markings resting on a yellow flower

Adonis Blue. Photo: George McCabe

View of a brown butterfly with pale coloured markings resting on the ground

Dingy Skipper. Photo: George McCabe

George sent us these photos taken on 07/05/2020 with this wonderful commentary:

To be honest with you, you are getting so many great pictures they put mine to shame, so l was going to put my Brownie box camera away. However I wanted to visit Sutton Poyntz water reservoir as l spotted Green Hairstreaks there at this time last year, and it seems to be the only place in Weymouth to spot them, so the Dog and l with the Brownie had a wander  First thing l spotted was a cluster (don’t know the real term for a lot of butterflies altogether) of blue butterflies coming down the hill slope flying past me. The dog just sat there in disbelief as l started chasing them down the hill to get a photo; they turned out to be Adonis Blues (7 in total), then l managed to spot what l was after, the Green Hairstreak (4) and to top it off my obligatory butterfly in the muddy puddle this time a Dingy Skipper. It had been a good day but the Brownie will have to go!

Editors. Notes:  You have to be of a certain age to fully appreciate the reference to the Brownie Box Camera and secondly, according to Google the most commonly used word for a collection of butterflies is kaleidoscope.

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