The Easter Butterfly Parade

View of a red butterfly with blue, black and white markings resting on the ground
Peacock. Photo: Ann Barlow

Are you ready for some surprising news?

Despite the lockdown, the number of butterflies reported to our Dorset BC website is an incredible 16% higher than at this stage last year, possibly helped by our earlier appeal for people to send in records of butterflies seen in their gardens.

This year forget the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg Hunts etc. and carry on looking for and recording butterflies in your gardens and on your allowable exercise walks rather than thinking about all those chocolate eggs.

Our latest figures show that we have received 1,685 records of sightings of 15 different species of butterflies that have been seen in Dorset and Easter seems an appropriate time to review and share details of which species have been seen and recorded the most.

Leading the parade with 591 records is the Peacock followed in 2nd place by the Brimstone with 549 and then in 3rd place is the Comma with 116 records.

The rest of the top 10 are as follows with the number of records received shown in brackets after the name:

Orange Tip (103), Small Tortoiseshell (94), Small White (67), Speckled Wood (51), Red Admiral (47), Holly Blue (27) and in 10th place the Large White (17).

One other butterfly is worthy of a special mention and that is the Large Tortoiseshell for which we have received 4 different records of sightings, all of which have been confirmed.

Please carry on recording as best you can, continue to send in your records and help us to make 2020 a record year for butterfly sightings in Dorset.

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