Website to briefly freeze – no sightings for a short time

View of orange and black butterfly on deep pink Buddleia flower
Small Tortoiseshell. Photo: Clive Hill

UPDATE: This issue is now resolved (20/03)

You will not be able to input butterfly sightings for a few days, starting 19/03. We have had such poor service recently from our internet service provider, TSO, that we are moving this website to another provider.

We need to ‘freeze’ the site temporarily so nothing gets lost, meaning you won’t be able to input sightings for a short time, so please hang on to your notes and input them when we say the website is back to normal. Photos for the Gallery should reach us, but it might help our volunteers if you delayed sending them for now. Messages via our contact form should get to us, but if necessary use the temporary email:

[email protected]

It is possible that it will all happen quickly and this warning will be redundant, but better that way round than not telling you what’s going on. We apologise for any inconvenience that does occur.

Here’s hoping A2 will prove to be better hosts…


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