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Small Tortoiseshells on buddleia
Small Tortoiseshells on buddleia. Photo: Richard Gillingham.

From Lyn Pullen, Website Editor. If you’ve been a bit confused by receiving notification of some news items that don’t make total sense, it’s my fault – they are from 2012, so you can ignore them!

We are moving the whole website over to different software, so it is easier for someone new to come in and take over my website role at some point in the future. We found the 2012 news items had not yet been moved, so I started doing it, not realising that the system would send out the usual notification. There are a few more to do, and it is not possible to stop the notifications, but we will mark them more clearly as old news.

It has been fascinating seeing what was going on in 2012: it was a good year for Clouded Yellows. It is rather sad, however, to see the article about 16 Small Tortoiseshells being seen in a garden, as this species is in trouble and the chances of seeing that number of very slim, just seven years on. If you want to dip back into the news archives, go to the News page and in the right-hand column, make use of the ‘Archive’ feature.

Dom Greves, our Techie, and I, are taking the opportunity while we move the pages to make some improvements, so we hope you enjoy exploring them.

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