2019 Butterfly Results for Dorset

2019 butterfly and chart silhouettes

The 2019 Butterfly Results for Dorset were due to be presented at a meeting in North Dorset on 20 March 2020 but as this meeting has now been cancelled you can read all the details, facts and figures by following this link:

There is a treasure trove of information to be found here which you can dip in and out of at leisure and here are just a few of many items items which are well worth having a look at:

  • Weather report details from Fontmell Down Weather Station
  • A total of 157,599 butterflies were recorded on the transect walks
  • Over 30 butterfly species were recorded on 3 different sites – look through the report to find out where these were
  • Find which species made the TOP 3 in Dorset (you may be in for a surprise)
  • Also find which species showed the biggest losses
  • Long-tailed Blues – have you ever walked past one dismissing it as “just another blue”?  Perhaps we should all pay our humble blues a tad more attention in future…
Path through flowery meadow

Alners Gorse Butterfly Reserve in 2019

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