View of beige coloured butterfly with black and white spots on the wings resting on the ground.

Adonis Blue. Photo: Shona Refoy

View of dark brown butterfly with orange spots and white fringe to the edges of the wings resting on a hand.

Adonis Blue. Photo: Shona Refoy

Shona has sent us this photo of a female Adonis Blue she came across at the foot of Hambledon Hill on 05/09/2019.  Looking at the photo on a cold, frosty December morning, Shona’s comments below are a heart warming reminder of the pleasure butterflies give us.

I nearly trod on her as she was lying on her side on the path (first photo). Wondering if she was alive, I slid my hand under her, and she climbed aboard! I watched her as she opened and closed her wings, then swung my hand round so we had a good look at each other before she flew off up the hill. Seeing her on my hand shows how small she is (my hands aren’t huge)!

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